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The first three steps, according the TLNT, are really all about finding what field you are good at, enjoy doing, and sticking to it. Its important not to just “take a job” but find one you like.

The last one? well, we need to get by in life. But Economics should be (and is) the last one for a reason: it shouldn’t be the most important reason you choose a path.

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Finding jobs right out of college is a hard task, we all have heard that. Forbes takes a look into why that is.

Short answer? A misalignment between what students study and what prospective employers demand and the cost of training. This explains why many companies give offers to those who were previously interns at their companies.

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This article from Tech Crunch weighs the benefits of the walking desks: a treadmill and desk combo.A walking desk ($1,500).

Working out in the office could be the new work wellness program coming to an office near you. Obviously, this would burn more calories and keep an employee healthy, therefore cutting down on absences and turnover.

I personally think it would be hard to work while exercising. I think productivity studies would need to be done before this becomes the new normal.

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This New York Times article explores why so many positions, despite having many qualified candidates, remain unfilled at different companies. Its quite a startling article, with tales of frustration and desperation. I understand the economics point of not filling every position right away, yet it is disheartening to hear of all the terrible interactions these candidates are having with human resources representatives!

The comment section is almost more interesting than the actual article. Numbering well over 300, readers have shared their own personal experiences with the never ending interview process, telling of 6 and 7 round interviews for still unfilled positions.

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A recent survey conducted by Workplace Options about office romance shows that younger employees are way more open to them:


·  84 percent of millennials say they would engage in romance with a co-worker – compared to 36 percent of Generation X workers (age 30-45), and only 29 percent of Boomers (age 46-65).

·  Overall, 47 percent of respondents reported that they had observed romantic relationships in the workplace.

·  And 57 percent said that if they had a romantic relationship with a colleague, they would share information about it with others – either friends, co-workers or via social networks.


I don’t think these statistics are so startling. Millennials are less likely to see boundaries in the dating world. Popular television shows constantly highlight hook ups in the office and romances sprung among coworkers (Jim and Pam from The Office, Castle and Beckett from Castle, constant “will they or won’t they” between multiple crime solving partners and other coworkers). Considering one spends most of his or her day at work, is it so odd that they would find love in the office?

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Yesterday at TLNT.com,  Eric Chester discussed why some employees are totally different than the candidate that interviewed for the job…even though they are the same person.

The reason? Most people practice for the interviews, and if recruiters and employers don’t shake up their questions (using the same questions that have always been used), they get rehearsed answers. A candidate can give all the right answers but not mean them, making them a bad hire.

The solution? Shake up the questions, and give questions that require thought and reflection. Behavioral based or situational questions are the bet in this scenario.

Also, for all those candidates out there: don’t give answers you think are “right” or “what they want to hear” if they don’t fit into what you think or are capable of. You could wind up a bad hire, and it could be a bad experience for you! Find your fit, and make interview you the real you.

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In one of the odder unemployment stories: a father in China hired “virtual hitmen” to kill his unemployed adult son’s video game characters in an effort to get him to pick up his job search. The higher level gamers would kill him each time he logged on, shortening his game time.

The son figured it out, and is still not looking for a job…Maybe kicking the son out of his house would have worked a little better.

Is this one of the oddest forms of motivation you’ve heard of?

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Who knew the “Harlem Shake” was such a safety hazard?!

First airlines were worried about safety on board flights. Now Australian miners have been fired for filming their own version of the shake in their mine. Is this video craze really a safety hazard, or is this just their HR excuse for firing their employees? Now, I know mines can be dangerous, (I read The Hunger Games!), but perhaps Barminco could find a way to highlight all of its safety concerns before the next Youtube sensation causes more employees to get the axe.

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The Levo League shares six tips for dressing in bad weather. Which is perfect, since it seems to rain A LOT in March and April. Rainboots are so important!

The Levo League shares six tips for dressing in bad weather. Which is perfect, since it seems to rain A LOT in March and April. Rainboots are so important!